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My canine is lifeless, she explained, as tears loaded her eyes. Solicitous – Displaying hovering attentiveness Case in point – I appreciated his solicitous inquiry about my wellness.

Impugn – Attack as bogus or erroneous Example – Her motives have been scrutinized and impugned . Despot – A cruel and oppressive dictator Case in point – The despot claimed to be the preferred instrument of divine providence. Splenetic – Very irritable Case in point – Following in line for the splenetic outburst of a disaffected supporter: Martin Chuffing Edwards.

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Abrogate – To revoke Example – The Supreme Court can abrogate regulations considered unconstitutional. Inveterate – Recurring Illustration – She is an inveterate gambler. Officious – Intrusive in a meddling or offensive method Example – ‘I’ll see,’ the nurse reported, with an officious toss of her head.

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Pillory – Ridicule or expose to community scorn Illustration – The offensive issue is that he has been so widely pilloried for doing so. Some bonus words and phrases for you. 1. Abject- devoid of any hope. Example- He life in abject poverty. 2.

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Candor- Honest. Example- She handled the make any difference with terrific candor . 3. Cogent- Persuasive. Example- He experienced a cogent argument to make. 4. Dearth- Lack/scarcity. Example- The workforce has no dearth of fantastic gamers. 5. Evanescent- Brief-lived. Example- The photographer properly captured that evanescent second. 6.

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Cognizant- Conscious. Example- He is cognizant of the ongoing issue. 7. Fatuous- Lack of intelligence. Example- I was shocked by his fatuous remark. 8.

Mendacious- Lying. Example- Do not give them a different mendacious tale. It is time you inform the fact. 9. Disparate- Unique. Example- We are making an attempt to set all disparate strategies to execute this strategy. 10. Ubiquitous – Existing everywhere. Example- He is a single of the most ubiquitous media personalities right now. Texas Tech College Secondary Application. Texas Tech University Secondary Essay Prompts. rn(If you have updated prompts, remember to post them at updatesecondaries. com)Prompts have been updated June 2023 . (Older essays, if obtainable are under)Prompts:Texas Tech College Health and fitness Sciences Heart is responsible for offering primary wellness care to 108 counties of West Texas. We are fascinated in hearing about the parts of drugs that fascination you.

(one hundred terms)Please indicate the spot(s) of drugs you are fascinated in and briefly explain your important functions for every respective curiosity in the offered text box (if checked, a box will seem with a 100 phrase limit)rn-Working towards in an underserved region -Rural wellness -Clinical Study -Health care Teachers -Major Care -Border Wellbeing -General public Wellness -Other (Please describe underneath)Required only if the prompt applies. Required only for pupils implementing to the MDandE method. Describe your enthusiasm to go after this plan, be certain to incorporate how you hope to profit from the plan. (two hundred phrases) How do you anticipate this plan building you a more economical caregiver? (200 phrases) Remember to checklist the optimum-level math/chemistry/physics class you have taken or are presently taking.

(two hundred words) What initiatives have you been concerned in that call for programming and/or machine languages? What languages do you desire? (two hundred terms)

Essential only for pupils applying to the FMAT (Accelerated Family members Medication) method.

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